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This is my first blog entry, my vision for this blog is to give people a look inside my head about my past, present, and future experiences about the ministry and my life. So I will start out talking a little bit about some of my experiences of the first few months. From the moment the team and I landed it has been nothing but a crazy adventure. I feel every well rounded adventure has its ups and downs. There were times when I had a lot of fun, and there were times when I was sad. God has used every moment to shape me and my team into a tool he will use for his kingdom. One of the first things I noticed about Nigeria was the landscape. I just remember looking down at the land from the airplane and just being filled with excitement to go and explore it all. All around that area there are these strange mountains/ hills. These (mountains) do not compare to the stature of the rocky mountains at all. I would describe them as humps on a camel’s back. The land is flat, and then all of a sudden it shoots up and right back down again. There was so much to take in that it can be overwhelming. I recall being in the bus that was taking us from the airport all the way down to our future home and just looking at the way society works there.

The city of Abuja is really busy, and there was a lot of traffic. I saw these strange vehicles that I have never seen before. It’s almost like a motorcycle with two back wheels and a cabin around it. That is probably one of the most common ways of transportation in the city. Although when you get further out into the country like Makurdi so many people drive motorcycles, and way more people ride them. On one motorcycle alone I have seen an entire family. It was the father driving, two kids in the middle and then the mother holding a baby. Now the first ten days being there the mission team and I were accompanied by other people from the church that were only staying in Nigeria for the ten day trip. So for the first ten days we didn’t get to fully experience what it was going to be like to start living there. The way I felt about having them all there made me feel like it was still just a trip. That’s because we had planned the event and we were all together. It didn’t really hit me until the others left. Saying goodbye to them was tough for all of us because we knew it meant we weren’t going to see them again for a long time. None of us knew when we would return to our family and friends that we hold so dear. That is one of the few times I cried while I was there; when I had to tell my brother and my friends from ignition goodbye and watch them leave. I have always been a person to hold family and friends close to my heart. When I was younger I thought about going into the military but I decided not to do it because I knew that I would have to spend extended amounts of time away from the people that I love. The funny thing is 3 years later God asks me to leave my family and friends to serve him in Nigeria. I said yes without a second thought. He asked me to do that back in February 2019 one day at a Tuesday night church service we hold. After I told him yes I cried for the rest of the night because I knew that my path he laid before me led away from family and friends. It’s kinda funny, I wouldn’t leave behind what I love for my country, but I did it for who I love most.

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