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Is home where you live or is it in Christ? This was an important question one of my team members Beth asked me. I heard the same question asked several times. In Nigeria and when we got back home. It can be an easy question to just roll of your shoulders and nod of course I do. However, looking at the answer in your heart can be a whole new ballpark. Another question that popped up was, “Why are you here?”

These were some deep questions to ponder on because all of us already took the step to move to a foreign country that most of our families were ostracizing us about. It took some time to search deep in the Lord to even reveal our own hearts to ourselves. What passion He implanted in us for Nigeria. For some, it was something that they experienced on a previous trip and they felt the Lord calling then there for a higher purpose. Some knew right away and some it took them longer to except it. For me, it came over time. I first went on a trip when I was 16.

I remember that day, I was in school and we had a district lock-down because there was a shooter in our area. They did not even let us out on time. So I was stuck sitting on the ground in my English class worried that it would go on forever and I would miss my flight. Thank goodness that I already had my bags backed and that whatever the enemy meant for evil the Lord will turn towards good. A lot of people think when obstacles and tribulations come their way that, that is a bad thing. But that pain and trial can produce faith and endurance. The plane flight to Nigeria is always strenuous journey, with no sleep and cramped leg space. Thank goodness that I don’t have to take that journey often like Grey and Michael. Bless their hearts, I don’t know how those two dudes do it. It is truly the Lords strength. Anyways as those ten days past in Nigeria, we went to a lot of church services, a few schools and a lot of waiting around to see what the next move was. I can’t recollect if there was anything or things that changed my foundation as a person, but I knew I would be back.

A couple of years past and the Lord was still whispering softly in my soul about Nigeria, it was unexplainable. Especially at the time when I was looking at what to do after high school. Like going into the Army or becoming a nurse. Then about September 2018, the Lord told me that it was time and that that next October would be the time I would move to Nigeria. Some of my family was happy and others were more reluctant. But when you know God is calling you to something you can’t help but go. For what he plans is bound to be perfect. So the cares of this world are fleeting and will wither away but the Lord will last forever. When I left last October it was not too emotional for me to, say goodbye to my family. I felt like the Lord had grown me in a way to be okay where ever I am. Which leading us back to the question this whole blog posts began with. “Is home where you live or is it in Christ?”

To truly look back when I left last October, I thought I knew the answer to this question. But through growing in ways that I did not even know I had to grow. The simplest way I can answer this question is that home is in God’s heart. And it’s hard to let go of the expectations that you had for your life. Thinking it would look a certain way but it getting flipped upside down. So I am still learning to be comfortable wherever God has me, even if I did not think it would happen that way. For example, being stuck in America for all this time has been really difficult, but that is just more part of being comfortable wherever God has me. So I can’t wait till I get to step back on to Nigerian soil and cry at how beautiful God made the people and the land all over again. Except for this time, it will be different because God is coming in a bigger measure and like a title wave He will not be stopped!

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