The Lord’s Calling

A year and a half ago, the Lord told me that I was to quit my job and move to Nigeria. I quit my job which was a huge leap of faith because the Lord had also asked my wife, Shannon, to quit her job as well. We went through a long time of trusting the Lord to provide for our needs as we sought Him on when to move to Nigeria. Our pastor told us of a missions trip to Nigeria in April 2019, which the Lord instructed us to go. It was an amazing experience meeting the people in Benue State, Nigeria, we got to lead them in worship and pray for them and just show them the love of God. We could not wait to move there.

In October 2019, we went on another trip. This trip was different as there were some that were moving there, but the Lord instructed Shannon and I that it was not time for us to move. This trip was once again incredible, the Lord showed us that we needed to be unified before we could do anything to help the people there. So we prayed and worshipped the Lord together everyday, we even went outside our new compound that the Lord gave us and invited people from the town to worship with us. It was just so amazing and we did not want to leave.

When the time came for us to leave, it was so hard to say goodbye to the team that was staying, not only because we would miss them, but because we didn’t understand why the Lord wanted us to go back home for a time.

Shannon and I prayed constantly for the team there and waited patiently for the Lord to tell us that it was time.

In February 2020, the team returned to the states because they were having issues with their visas. We were all to get residential visas and then return to Nigeria at the end of March. Shannon and I were so excited, we were finally moving to Nigeria! Enter COVID-19, the borders were shut down and we were not able to return in March 2020. We were devastated, we didn’t understand why things keep getting pushed back.

With everything that the enemy has been doing to prolong his defeat in Nigeria, we have still been trusting the Lord knowing that the time will come for us to go and do His work that will destroy any strongholds that the enemy has there.

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