The Lord Will Bring Freedom

As I stated before, my trips to Nigeria were incredible but there was one night on our trip in April that was very difficult. We worshipped with the people at one of the IDP camps. It was so awesome, they enjoyed so much as did we.

Later, we prayed, poured blessings over, and anointed the people. While we were doing this all hell broke loose, literally. There were young girls screaming from being possessed. We started praying and trying to cast out the demons. It was tough for me, I had witnessed possession before, but I struggled knowing what to do, so I did all that I could and I just prayed. There were bugs crawling all over us as we were trying to get these demons and witches out of these children. It was so heartbreaking to see the pain they were in.

In the end we were not able to help bring them peace. My wife and I were saddened to leave them like that. We prayed for them that night and we continue to pray for the children to find freedom from the enemy.

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