Who the Son Sets Free

“When the Son sets you free you will be free indeed.” John 8:36

There is so much truth and encouragement in such a small verse. That promise is always true to those who know Jesus as their savior. John 8:36 has become my life verse. The reminder of the freedom that is found in Jesus is insurmountable! Once we are set free by Jesus we cannot be slaves any longer. Of course there is free choice, but our salvation cannot be lost. Choosing sin, intentionally disobeying God does separate us from Him and hinders the clarity of His voice. This also brings separation spiritually from God, which breaks His heart because He just wants to grow us and grow our relationship with Him. The Grace we receive from Jesus is completely undeserved. As soon as we recognize the pain that comes from turning our backs from our Heavenly Father and to the things of this world, when we turn back to Him with a repentant heart, we are greeted like the prodigal son. God, the One who loves us more than any person ever could, meets us with open arms and forgiveness.

John 8:36 also reminds us that we are NOT our sins and as it says in 2 Corinthians 5:17, we are new creations in Christ Jesus. Our old lives are done and the new one begins when we accept Christ into our hearts. That is something the enemy tries to get us to forget and tries to get us to believe his lies that we are not redeemed, that we are not loved. Jesus IS love and He died so that each and every one of us might live! That kind of selfless love and freedom cannot be found ANYWHERE but in the arms of Jesus.

This verse struck me differently after I quit smoking. From the time I was probably 16 til I was 23 I was a smoker. Time and time again, I tried in my own strength to quit and would find myself smoking more than I had been previously. When finally I realized that I could not do it in my own strength, the addiction was too strong. Finally when I gave it over to God, He removed my desire to smoke and I quit cold turkey. That was over two years ago now. I would NEVER have been able to end that addiction on my own. Christ freed me and I will ALWAYS be free indeed!

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