State of the Bride

Last Saturday our church, Ignition, went to an event in Washington DC called The Return. The Return event was held on the National Mall. It was a gathering of preachers and prominent figures all over to come together and pray for our country to be turned back to the Lord. Even at one point the president Trump came out with a letter standing in agreement with what was happening. However it did not just stop at praying for our country, but the worldwide bride. Some might not know what I mean when I say bride. It is just referring to Christians in general, without getting into denominations or anything like that. For in the Bible it says that Jesus is our bridegroom and we are his bride. This is talking about in the old testament and new as well as referring to Israel as his first wife and the gentiles His second due to Israel’s unfaithfulness. However, the bride of Christ has not been much faithful either. She is duplicate and unified. And that’s what this event was hoping to activate. To bring together Christians from all over the nation to unify and to chose whether to be hot or cold.

The reason why being hot or cold in the church might be such a big deal is because you can’t have it both ways, choosing to pursue actively things that are against God’s character, but then turn around and saying you love Him more then your own life. Just for one example, “Matthew 6:24 (NLT) says ‘No one can serve two masters, For you will hate the one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” This is not saying that we don’t deal with sin on a day to day basis but rather to flee from it and cling to Christ. Romans 6:1-2 “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?” God just wants you all to Him self and not having to share with the things of this world. For example if we go back to the bride analogy. If you had a husband why would He want to share you with another man.

Something similar happened to this event December 17 of last year. The Tiv tribe and all their leaders came together in one place to make a convent with the Lord and dedicate their people to the Lord soley. To give you some context the Tiv people also, offend referred to as the Tiv nation, are one of the three biggest tribes in the state we live in. That day was very long but so significant. In our world today many leaders would be scared to publicly announce God as their ruler. However in places you don’t aspect amazing things happen. A time is abound us were the Lord is demanding His bride worldwide to chose if they will be for Him or against Him. And if you are having a hard time even trying to figure out how to start that, just start talking to Him and spending time in His word everyday so that you can learn His character. One word, develop a “relationship” with God like you would everyone else. Then your desires will become His.

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  1. Blessed day give us the Most High. When I have the opportunity to see so many situations that go hand in hand with everything we have learned from our first steps as Born Again; I am amazed that after 44 years on this Path the promises of the Most High are increasingly marked. We were taught that if we were to stay under the Earth; even there He will find us faithful and at peace; Your peace. Anyway, I have a consistent and very frequently used Phrase; which I have made mine: “In heaven there will be many surprises …” This is about what things happened in the time we had to live here on Earth. Certainly, after the surprises will come the awards and the best applause… The applause from heaven…

    1. If a modern Rip Van Winkle were to awaken from twenty years’ slumber and stumble into today’s world, I suspect he’d be amazed. Some of the changes, even in worship, would make the old gentleman wonder about us.

      Picture him sitting on a pew, connecting with God in worship. Then to his amazement, he hears folks clapping! Frowning, he feels suddenly and strangely interrupted. Why are these people applauding? Wasn’t that music an offering of praise to the One they have gathered together to worship? Isn’t silence—just the awesome sound of silence—sufficient?

      Continuing to observe, he finds inconsistency in it all. Why don’t these people applaud everything? How come a singer receives applause and the one who reads Scripture never does? And why don’t they applaud the sermon?

      Besides, he concludes, he prefers to do his applauding in his mind and heart.

      But then, doesn’t the Bible talk about God’s people clapping their hands? Yeah, it does. Several times in the psalms. But it also mentions shouting and dancing and groaning and playing on instruments we don’t even have today. Obviously, God doesn’t want us to be stoic and grim all the time. There have to be occasions when such spontaneous bursts are prompted by the Spirit within us. To cap off all such expressions would not only be unfair, it would be unbiblical.

      Maybe, then, what these people need is to be sure that their responses in corporate worship are prompted by the Spirit and not by a small group of people who are ready to clap at anything . . . for any reason.

      What I would tell our visitor is that it all has to do with the spirit of God’s truth rather than the letter of the Law. If anyone can show me from Scripture the uptight, airtight guideline for putting a stop to all spontaneous applause, I’m ready to listen. But let’s also remember that when we come together to worship we’re not an audience watching a show where entertainers expect applause.

      And no offense, but I tend to agree with old Rip. I’ve never seen a group of people applaud a snowcapped mountain range or an exquisite, priceless painting or a breathtaking sunset.

      Silence befits the profound, the awesome.

      Think before you applaud. Is it the best way to give God your praise? Is it appropriate? Is it necessary? Would silence be better?

      The Applause of Heaven Book:

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