Blog 11/1/2020

During the first ten days while we were with the other people from Ignition we held 2 worship gatherings outside of our compound. These gatherings consisted of the 17 of us and I remember Josh and Shannon played their guitars. These gatherings we had were very special because it was one of the first times we got to meet our neighbors and we got to worship together. Many of our neighbors were very interested because a lot of the songs we would sing were songs they were not used to. It was definitely a new experience for them. A few of the local men from our neighborhood showed us a few of their songs that to me and the rest of the group were not used to as well. After that night I was not sure how the worship was  received or if the people were able to engage in worship with us. Although that thought changed for me about a week later when I met a man who was there the night we worshipped. He introduced himself to me and said his name was Manaska. He told me that he attended the worship service and that he enjoyed it very much. He said that he felt something in the atmosphere while the worship was going on. I told him to explain what he felt and he was describing what it is like to feel the holy spirit move in a place. He said he felt feelings of wonder and amazement as to what was happening. That led him to have so many questions that I did my best to answer. He asked me how and why the holy spirit was there and how we did it. He was very interested in the way we worshiped, as if it was a secret key to unlocking the presence of God. It was so cool to see his eagerness and to answer his questions as best I could, but many of the things he was asking were difficult concepts to explain. I later asked Ariel to come over and help me explain some things and fill in details where I left them out. Also a few minutes after that I had Cory come over to offer his insight as well. I believe Manaska was very understanding of our complicated explanations of relationship with God. Manaska told us that he was a worship leader at his church and that is why he had so many questions because he wanted to worship “better”.  He told us that he often struggled when leading worship because he had voices in his head telling him that it was terrible and that God did not like it. We informed him that those voices are completely from Satan and that he is trying to stop his worship. After all his questions were answered he said his goodbyes and left. I enjoyed the experience of sharing with him our love for Jesus and helping him to understand. It was encouraging for me to speak with that man. I think God sent him to me as much as God had me there for him

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