Critically Divine Alliances

In just a few short days the United States of America will elect their president, locking in for the next four years a significant trajectory that will effect the entire world. When the Lord first revealed some of His will concerning Nigeria and several other nations, it had not occurred to me then just how significant the unity between these called nations was. I knew the Lord had promised a unification of His Bride and that ultimately this would lead to an influence in the world. The Bride would come to a place in which it was no longer at war with itself, hopelessly too involved with fighting within its own house, and would finally turn to the One who creates an unbreakable bond between those who love Him and love each other.

Over time, the Father has repeatedly highlighted the significance of the bond He wants to forge between Nigeria and the USA to me and to others. It was first noticed rather subtly when President Trump confronted Muhammadu Buhari, the current President of Nigeria, with the overwhelming persecution against Christians which has time and time again been ignored and in other cases assisted by the federal government in Nigeria. Naturally, the President of Nigeria attributed these attacks to “cultural differences” and shirked all responsibility of the obvious federal engagement and corruption that has fueled the violent jihadist campaign against Christians and all peoples who oppose Allah.

Right then, I was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the Lord’s hand in bringing exposure and light to the situation in Nigeria. I had no idea the spiritual implications and unity the Lord was building. Even now, it is only an inkling of understanding as I begin to grasp more fully what the Lord is wanting from that relationship. Yet just a few weeks ago, it came into clearer focus than it ever had.

Many people who are involved with our ministry know that our pastors, Greg and Michael, have been in Nigeria for the last month to accomplish the Lord’s business. During that time, they were invited to a prayer vigil. Of course with the current civil unrest in Nigeria I presumed the vigil to be about SARS and the local hostilities and riots that have broken out in a more escalated fashion as a result.

However, shockingly, it was a prayer vigil held for the reelection and protection of our president, President Donald John Trump, of the United States of America.

God was providing the same urgency and vision of what He is doing to people all over the world. Of course this comes as no surprise in principle. We concede with ardent passion that God, THE God, the Lord Jesus Christ, through His Holy Spirit, is speaking to people all over the world and continues to speak to those who would listen. In practice, the kind of power that the Lord will bring in response to a GLOBALLY UNIFIED BRIDE, is something we have never seen, yet have longed for from generation to generation.

There is a holy and critically divine alliance the Lord wants to make between Nigeria and the USA. Truly, He is wanting a holy and divine alliance between His people who are Nigerian and American and all peoples from all nations, that they may come to know Him as the One True King alone. We imagine these things in principle and have studied unity in the word of God over and over. Yet now I feel the shaking of real change and real unity. Now I am beginning to see the real application of these things and I think it is more than any of us could imagine. What’s more, it will require much more surrender than any of us could imagine. Real unity is not a death to our individuality in the Lord, but it is a death to self. Too often we are great lovers of ourselves but not in a holy way, in a way that preserves the flesh. It’s time to let the flesh die and become what the Lord has intended us to be as a Readied Bride.

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