My Boys

I was blessed in 1991, 1992, and 1995 with the most amazing daughters. They are beautiful and funny and smart and just wonderful. I could not be more proud of the women that they have become, but that is a message for another day.

Today I want to talk about my sons. My oldest daughter, Megan, is married to Zack, and my middle daughter, Lindsey, is married to Peter. Megan and Zack have a little boy, Ezekiel (Zeke) who will be 4 in December. Lindsey and Peter have 2 little fellows, Uriah who is 2, and Micah who, as I type this has just celebrated his fifth day outside the womb. defines son-in-law as “the husband of one’s child.” That just isn’t really enough for me. Aside from the obvious joy that these men, my sons, have brought into my life through the precious boys they helped create, they are just really great guys. They are not perfect, but they are mine. I love the way they “fit” into our crazy family. I love watching them learn to be husbands. I love watching them learn to parent. I love watching them learn to live life. I love watching them laugh together. I love to laugh with them. I love to pray with them. I love to pray for them. I love to be with them. 

There were times when my girls were small that I wondered what life would be like to have sons, to be a “boy mom.” I can’t say I ever was really sad that God chose to bless me with babies of the female persuasion. I loved having girls. It was certainly dramatic! I always thought I was ready for a boy. We had a name picked out and everything! But He, in His wisdom, knew what I needed and gave me my Megan, my Lindsey, and my Riley. And then He gave me my Zack and my Peter because He knew I needed them too.

These 2 young men are my sons. I could not love them more if I had given birth to them myself. They are precious gifts from God and I treasure them and pray for them and thank Him for them!

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