COVID-19 Relief Fund

For Nigerians, COVID-19 has caused particular hardship. The negative impact of the pandemic has added new challenges on top of a normally feeble economy for several reasons. First, Nigerian workers are typically paid daily for their labor and therefore only receive income daily as they work and as work is available. Second, most families receiving income daily also visit food markets daily to feed their families, as they do not have pantries of stored food available like families often have in more developed countries. 

The lockdown of businesses has caused an obvious shortage of labor, which has caused a lack of resources of every kind. Many families find themselves in great need of income for food, medical attention and medications for pre-existing conditions. Sadly, to cope with extreme insufficiency, some families are splitting as a result of parents not being able to care for their children. 

Relief funding will be distributed mainly to families in our local community of Wadata in Benue State to help those who have lost their homes and are in need of basic food and necessities. Our hope is to assist them and support them as the country continues to ease the lockdown measures. 

To give a donation, please use the link below. We are currently helping specific families in every way that we can, as well as adding new recipients as funds become available. More importantly, please join us in praying for all in Nigeria who are struggling in this time.