Ignition633 was founded in Newark, Delaware in 2013. Though it started as a small church in a living room, the Lord has birthed a movement through these humble beginnings in a way that only He could do. Ignition633 plans to expand into seven (7) locations worldwide, the first being Nigeria, to reignite passion for God through relationship with Jesus.

Our goal is to teach people that God is everything. He is our first love, our best friend, and most importantly, He is our Savior.

God deserves a laid-down life, exemplified by our willingness to offer our lives to Him in the same way He sacrificed His Son's life for us. God wants us to build a relationship with Him in the same way we would pursue a future spouse. 

The ministry is focused on nonbelievers and saved Christians alike. We desire to tell nonbelievers about God and how much He loves them, but we are also called to help Christians understand intimate, passionate relationship with Him. 

Why Nigeria?

Nigeria is the highest populated country in Africa, with a population split between Islam and Christianity. Throughout the nation there has been a yearning for relationship and revival which transcends the traditional definition. This is a revival which breaks through educational, spiritual, economic, and all other boundaries through development of deeper relationship with Christ. Ignition633 ministries is committed to this mission and has established a permanent presence in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria with 7 missionaries in residence and several more scheduled to join them as soon as international travel restrictions are lifted.


our mission

To establish a global outreach, teaching salvation and cultivating deep relationship with Jesus, and equipping communities with trade skills to provide gainful employment.

This mission is accomplished by first seeking Jesus. At the core of our mission is Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of these things will be added unto you.”

relationship with Jesus Christ

Our main mission is to share what it means to have a REAL relationship with Jesus Christ through testimony in outreach, support, training, and discipleship. 

Trade skills & training

By working with a large range of partners, we continue to establish relationships that will support local business. In addition, we equip business owners with resources and technical expertise to provide new job opportunities in local communities.