IDP Camps


Ignition633 along with partnering ministries will be holding another major IDP Critical needs outreach, but we need your help.

To cover expenses, we are hoping to raise $75,000 by November 12. We know God will provide for this, and we desire your prayers to see this through!


1) Prayer: We can do nothing apart from Him and faithfully pray that He will fulfill all needs. Mark 11:24

2) Erosion prevention: We aim to build drainage to prevent erosion. This erosion is causing catastrophic damage to the structures and is creating an unsafe and unhealthy living environment.

3) Grade the land: After the waterways are blocked, the land needs to be graded and repaired to prevent waterlogged areas and a proper foundation for structures.

4) Housing: Our goal is to replace every "tent" with a proper living structure for those living in the camp.

5) Medical Outreach: Our partners of qualified doctors, nurses, and pharmacists will be available to attend to the most critical needs.

6) Lactation Training: Trained and qualified midwives will provide lactation training to new and soon-to-be nursing mothers.

7) Haircuts: Qualified barbers will be barbing hair and ensuring medical staff provides scalp treatment for those in need.

8) Hygiene: Laundry and bathing soap will be provided for those on the camp to ensure they are properly equipped with basic hygiene materials.

IDP Camps

One of the first places the Lord led us to minister to during our initial trips were the IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camps. Before moving to Nigeria permanently, we traveled to these locations several times. These camps primarily consist of refugees seeking safety and shelter after being driven out of their villages by violent Fulani Herdsman extremists. 

The Fulani are an Islamic tribe throughout West Africa with a significant population in Nigeria. They are predominantly nomadic and make their living by herding and trading cattle. Unfortunately, there are many radicalized groups of Fulani who have taken up the Islamic Jihad movement and have targeted Christian villages to seize lands needed for their cattle to graze, as well as to achieve their extreme religious beliefs by exterminating Christians. 

These Fulani Herdsman attacks are devastating. They pillage and burn down the villages. Many people are ruthlessly killed in their wake of destruction. The villages are purposely left uninhabitable, and those who escape seek never to return.


While there is an effort by the government to bring an end to these attacks, we believe it is crucial for us to focus on the needs of these 300,000+ refugees within the IDP Camps until they can be resettled. The people came into the camps carrying what they could grab as they fled for their lives. Unfortunately, there is currently no organized effort in place to assist this forgotten group. When our team visited for the first time to assess the crises and pray directly with the distraught refugees, two requests immediately emerged:

1. The ability to bathe

The women in the camps whispered privately to the women on our team that they needed water to bathe or asked for a clean set of clothes. Most of the people in the camps have no ability to wash or attend to their most basic hygiene needs and go days without bathing in temperatures typically above 100F. Many camps do not have good access to clean water and certainly not soap or other cleaning products. Because these people fled from their homes, most have only the clothes on their backs.

2. Food

Food is extremely scarce. There is a constant and urgent need for even basic food provisions.

Our goals with the IDP Camps are the following:

1. Ensure each camp has access to sustainable, clean water by drilling wells directly in the camps

2. Provide monthly hygiene kits for the people through donations from local and international organizations and individuals

3. Construct shower stalls for people in the camps to take showers, clean themselves, and wash their clothes

4. Provide support for education within the camps by supplying school supplies and educational training.