the Team


Say hello to our Ignition633 Nigeria family! Each team member has a unique story of how God called them to this ministry and gave them a love for the Nigerian people.

Greg & Alexis Tweddell

Ignition633 Ministries Lead Pastors

A Message From Greg & Alexis:

Alexis and I would like to introduce you to the most amazing missions team! This diverse group of Americans has passionately followed God’s calling on their lives to move to Nigeria and stand in the gap for these precious persecuted people. Each member of this team has a unique gifting God is using to make a difference in one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians.

Would you join us in remembering EACH ONE of these team members in prayer every day? Please pray for their safety, and that God will give them boldness to move forward as they fight back against Christian persecution.

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