Below, you will find many articles and documents that have brought information to light regarding the issues facing Nigeria. 

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Expect more bloodshed in Benue

This article contains a threat from the leadership of the Fulani Herdsmen to the people of Benue State, Nigeria following their attack, killing 73 christians within the state. 

(FYI - Our ministry's headquarter property is at the corner of the burial site for these 73 christian victims)

Fulani nationality movement

A public statement from the FUNAM (Fulani Nationality Movement) declaring Jihad on Nigeria. 


 "...we hereby make the following declarations: a) That the killings in Benue of TIV is well deserved..."

Benue Belongs to fulani herdsmen

An article detailing the beliefs of ownership of Benue by the Fulani Tribe, as explained by a university professor in Kano State, Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen lay claim to benue

This article contains statements from Fulani Tribesmen claiming original ownership of the Benue Valley and vow to mobilize the Herdsmen to take action.