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Say hello to our Ignition633 Nigeria family! Each team member has a unique story of how God called them to this ministy and gave them a love for the Nigerian people.


I knew when I was 12 that God wanted me to go to Nigeria; however, situations in my life and my own choices found me walking away from God. As I entered another turning point in my life, I heard God tell me to contact an old friend I had not spoken to in years. This friend led me to Ignition, and it was then that I rededicated my life to Christ and knew that he still wanted me to go to Nigeria, and I knew it was not just for a short trip, but that He needed me there for more than a season.

What I look forward to the most being here in Nigeria is getting out of my comfort zone. I know that sounds strange, but I am very adaptable! I enjoy new tasks, learning skills, and all-around learning new things. I struggle to learn languages, so I am trying to learn at least some languages and phrases from the locals. I consider this a sign of respect towards them.

Proverbs 12:1

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