Greg and Alexis Tweddell

God has called and equipped Pastors Greg and Alexis to carry out his Mandate across the globe. They have positively impacted many lives by teaching and exemplifying what it means to have an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and how trusting in Him alone can transform lives.


Michael and Alley Burton

Michael and Alley Burton gave God their “yes” when he called them to minister abroad. As they lead the international ministry they seek Him for direction in every step. They are called to break down the paradigm of separation between work and ministry and desire to teach Christians how to incorporate Him in their work and daily lives by building a relationship with Christ.


This diverse group has passionately followed God’s calling on their lives to move to be part of Ignition633 Nigeria and stand in the gap for these precious persecuted people. Each member of this team has a unique gifting God is using to make a difference in one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians. We are so thankful for the laid down lives of these missionaries who have sacrificed to be part of what the Lord has called them to do.

Would you join us in remembering EACH ONE of these team members in prayer every day? Please pray for their safety, and that God will give them the boldness to move forward as they fight against Christian persecution.

Derek Robinson

American Missionaries

Josh & Shanon Martin

American Missionaries

Gabe & Maeve Columbo

American Missionaries

Terfa Nginbee

Nigerian Director of Residence

Is the lord igniting a passion
for missions work in


ignition633 nigeria staff

We are so very thankful for each and every one of our staff
members who are an equal part of this Ministry. Each one was
prayerfully hired and we are very thankful for their