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Say hello to our Ignition633 Nigeria family! Each team member has a unique story of how God called them to this ministy and gave them a love for the Nigerian people.

Shannon Martin

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Sometimes when He reveals one part of your journey He then leads you into a direction that doesn’t appear to line up with the first part He told you. For the last 6 years I have been trusting in His promises to begin a ministry in Germany. In the 4th year of my waiting I heard a word from the Lord to begin opening my heart to the people of Tivland within Nigeria.

In obedience I went on a small mission’s trip with my husband. I saw many things. For one thing, I saw God’s divine hand opening doors that previously were not open. I had the opportunity to witness the marvelous plan He has for Nigeria. Most of all, I saw His heart for the people there. Frankly, being called to a certain place is so much more than the place itself. When God opens your heart to a people, no one can shut that door. They are forever seared upon your consciousness and your heart begins to long for a people you’ve never met. It’s about God’s perspective more than anything. 

 In this “about me” post you won’t find factoids about my life. I’m simply a normal person who fell in love with Jesus. Now my life is His. Now my whole perspective is about what He sees and not what I see in my human eyes. The eyes of the Lord are watchful over all the people in the earth and He continually searches for those who will let Him into their hearts. The people of Nigeria are such a people. He loves them. So I love them.  

1 Corinthians 2:9-10

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