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Say hello to our Ignition633 Nigeria family! Each team member has a unique story of how God called them to this ministy and gave them a love for the Nigerian people.

Josh Martin

I believed for a while that the Lord was calling me into something special, but I never quite knew what that was. About 3 years ago I heard the call that my wife, Shannon and I would be going to Germany to be a part of a work ignition633 had yet to start. I never thought I would be going to Nigeria, but then about a year and a half ago the Lord spoke so clearly to me that Shannon and I would be moving there for a time. So with that we embarked on our first missions trip in April of 2019, and we both immediately fell in love with the people so much that we knew that God wanted us to be a part of what He was going to do there. I truly just want to follow His will and I believe His will is taking me to Nigeria. 

Galatians 2:20
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Returning Soon!

by josh-martin,

The lead pastor of Ignition633, Greg Tweddell and the lead pastor of Ignition633 Nigeria, Michael Burton are both in Nigeria right now finalizing our residence permits so that we can return. There has been some set backs, but God is good and I trust that…

The Lord Will Bring Freedom

by josh-martin,

As I stated before, my trips to Nigeria were incredible but there was one night on our trip in April that was very difficult. We worshipped with the people at one of the IDP camps. It was so awesome, they enjoyed so much as did…

The Lord’s Calling

by josh-martin,

A year and a half ago, the Lord told me that I was to quit my job and move to Nigeria. I quit my job which was a huge leap of faith because the Lord had also asked my wife, Shannon, to quit her job…