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Say hello to our Ignition633 Nigeria family! Each team member has a unique story of how God called them to this ministy and gave them a love for the Nigerian people.


I am a husband and father to five lovely children. I am a lover of God, and I have transferred that love to my family and everyone around me. I was a staff at the Benue state government house until I came in contact with Ignition633, and God has passed through this ministry to change my life. The relationship pastor Greg and Pastor Michael established with me were unimaginable. I never knew such could exist between an African and an American; this is one of the numerous reasons I decided to partner with ignition and preach the gospel alongside them here in Nigeria.
One thing I love so much about my country is Agriculture. The land is so blessed that whatever is planted in the ground grows and produces an excellent harvest. The country is the leader in various types of Agriculture. It is, without a doubt, a blessed country.

Genesis 1:1

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